Self-Unloaders and Transshipment Systems

Self-unloaders got their start over 100 years ago on the Great Lakes of North America, EMS-Tech Inc.'s back yard and still the area with the highest concentration of self-unloaders.  Today, the vast majority of self-unloading ships and transloaders are built in China, and EMS-Tech Inc. has responded to this development through our Wuxi Site office for local inspections, equipment sourcing, site advisory services during assembly and installation, and commissioning services.

Self-unloaders and transshipment systems can now be found all around the world, and discharge capacities have been steadily increasing.  Self-unloaders are an excellent match for minimal shore based receiving systems, where the cargo is discharged either on the dock or into a receiving hopper with a conveyor based in-haul system.  Some self-unloaders are specially fitted with offshore rock laying systems to protect underwater cables and protect offshore oil platforms.

Transshippers are becoming more and more popular, especially in developing countries, as they can transfer cargo without the need to build expensive quay side terminals.  Transshippers can perform lightering operations on fully loaded ocean going vessels to enable them to dock, or take cargo from shore through barges, and load larger vessels just offshore.  This way, Cape Size and larger vessels can take advantage of economies of scale without the need for expensive dredging operations.

The EMS-Tech Inc. Marine Group is comprised of a mix of dedicated engineers, technologists, technicians and support staff.  With all the different projects we have successfully completed, and the repeat work we have had from clients who keep coming back, we can guide you through alternative designs which will meet your precise demands.

Field Services & Spare Parts

At EMS-Tech, we understand that minimizing operational down time of your bulk handling equipment is critical to the movement of your product and the success of your business.  We therefore pride ourselves on the ability to supply essential OEM and DEM spare parts in a timely manner, whether for stock replenishment or for critical breakdown situations. Our trained professionals are available in an emergency to get you back on line as soon as possible.  We specialize in redesign of worn or damaged parts for improved operational efficiencies and an extended life cycle of critical equipment.  Field advisors are available to direct your maintenance staff or subcontractor during installation, erection, commissioning and operation of new and replacement parts.

Upgrade & Retrofit

EMS-Tech Inc. offers efficient, cost-effective repair and rebuild services. It may be economical or environmentally beneficial to repair, overhaul or rebuild equipment to improve and maximize performance. If it's maintenance and repair you need, EMS-Tech can refurbish your old equipment, giving it a new lease on life and an effective means of adding profit to your bottom line. Older equipment that appears to be near the end of its life can be rejuvenated two or three times, boosting its economic contribution.