Highly Trained and Experienced Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Engineers

With over 700 years of experience, it is no wonder that EMS-Tech Inc. has built a strong reputation with clients that come back time after time, knowing we will deliver.  We pride ourselves on the knowledge that a job worth doing is worth doing with all the excellence you can muster.

Our Engineers extend across Mechanical, Electrical and Structural disciplines and specialize in all aspects of material handling systems.  From self-unloaders to stacker-reclaimers to shiploaders and dockside receiving systems, we start with the basic concept and refine through to basic engineering, Finite Element Analysis, Discrete Element Analysis to confirm cargo flow, advanced mechanical engineering including life cycle analysis, PLC programming, detailed equipment design and selection, and on to the smallest details.  Through the whole process, we keep a close watch on the client's requirements, ensuring that the system as a whole complies with their needs as well as applicable Codes and Standards.

Our engineering team is fully trained and experienced in a range of different analytical tools that help ensure your system is not only robust in nature but also optimized for your application and price budget.


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