Our Team

Management & Customer Support

EMS-Tech is predominantly an Engineering firm and recognizes that without excellent support services, it could not possibly function smoothly or efficiently in delivering world class products and services to our customers. Our team of support personnel are trained and dedicated to their functional responsibilities. Each person is totally focused on customer satisfaction.

Our Management and Customer Support department is comprised of:

  • General Management
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Quality Assurance and Document Control
  • Safety Management
  • IT Support
  • Finance and Accounting Administration
  • Customer Support
  • Executive and General Administration Support
  • Human Resource Administration
  • Resource Planning


Highly Trained and Experienced Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Engineers

With over 700 years of experience, it is no wonder that EMS-Tech Inc. has built a strong reputation with clients that come back time after time, knowing we will deliver.  We pride ourselves on the knowledge that a job worth doing is worth doing with all the excellence you can muster.

Our Engineers extend across Mechanical, Electrical and Structural disciplines and specialize in all aspects of material handling systems.  From self-unloaders to stacker-reclaimers to shiploaders and dockside receiving systems, we start with the basic concept and refine through to basic engineering, Finite Element Analysis, Discrete Element Analysis to confirm cargo flow, advanced mechanical engineering including life cycle analysis, PLC programming, detailed equipment design and selection, and on to the smallest details.  Through the whole process, we keep a close watch on the client's requirements, ensuring that the system as a whole complies with their needs as well as applicable Codes and Standards.

Our engineering team is fully trained and experienced in a range of different analytical tools that help ensure your system is not only robust in nature but also optimized for your application and price budget.



Resourceful, Professional Project Management


Our experienced team of designers and draftspersons are fully conversant with numerous design and drawing packages from AutoCAD through to 3D modelling software such as Inventor and Solidworks.  This offers a wide range of versatility at the design and detailing stages and allows for integration of vendor/customer systems for efficiencies and compatibility with existing systems and manufacturing processes.  In conjunction with EMS-Tech Inc. engineers, our design team has great depth of knowledge and experience in the office as well as in the field.  They can really understand the needs of a customer from a practical perspective, and it shows in the earned reputation for a quality product and for total customer satisfaction.

Project Management

Experienced, Knowledgeable Designers and Draftspersons

EMS-Tech Inc. Project Managers are proud to accept full responsibility as the glue that binds customer expectations, our organization's resources and our wide supplier base.  They are required to meet the goals of successful project completion within budget, and with quality performance.  A structured approach to Project Management and many years of experience in the field is what makes this work.  EMS-Tech Inc. project managers know how to behave resourcefully, professionally and respectfully under complex and difficult conditions in obtaining optimum performance from multi-functional teams, both internal and external to their own organization.

Field Services

Skilled Field Services Specialists

No matter what your need, our team of field support engineers and technicians can find your optimum solution.  With intricate design knowledge, specialist skills and many years of experience, you know you can trust EMS-Tech field support staff with your challenging scenarios.  From fabrication surveillance anywhere in the world, to site advisory services and technical responsibility during the system assembly, erection and commissioning phases, to ongoing planned maintenance and site advisory services, we'll be there.

Unscheduled system downtime can be one of the most expensive aspects of your operating costs.  Our Field Services Specialists perform routine inspections, mechanical, structural, hydraulic or electrical, so that you know the condition of your equipment and can plan for maintenance.  And if an unexpected failure occurs, whether it is an electrical issue, slew bearing failure, accident or otherwise, we can provide technical assistance immediately to get you back up and running.