Voisey's Bay Nickel Concentrate Shiploader

Owner: VALE
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EMS-Tech Inc. provided the engineering design, layout, supply, and erection supervision for all aspects of this fixed slewing, luffing, and shuttling 2200 t/h nickel concentrate Shiploader.

Key features include a dual luffing cylinder system; a completely enclosed boom structure to prevent fugitive dust emissions from negatively impacting the air, soil, and ocean water; slewing and telescoping discharge spout; a hydraulic leveling system on the operator’s cab; electrical control room mounted on the slewing structure; 4.2m diameter triple-row roller slew bearing; and 27m of shuttle travel. These features allow the Pedestal Shiploader to load 45,000 dwt vessels when there is as much as 5 metres of ice build-up on the berth face.


The Pedestal Shiploader is capable of continuous operation in sub-arctic, dusty, salt laden atmosphere and withstands the climatic and environmental conditions which exist at Voisey’s Bay, Northern Labrador, Newfoundland, Canada.