Cement Plant

Lafarge Canada Electrical Upgrade

Owner: Lafarge North America
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The Lafarge Canada Bath Cement Plant employs one of the largest long-dry kilns in the world. It relies on two 800 hp fans to provide its kiln induced draft, ID, for the production of kiln clinker. The original ID fan drives supplied in the 1970's were obsolete because the DC drive technology was at the end of its life cycle and spare parts were becoming an issue.

Lafarge retained the services of EMS-Tech Inc during the project inception. Various options and recommendations were reviewed with the client including retrofit of the existing drives; however, it was decided that the best solution would be to remove the original DC Drive technology completely and replace it with modern AC variable frequency drive technology. The plant could then realize reduced power consumption by employing more efficient AC drive technology and also eliminate the need for routine DC motor brush and commutator maintenance. Two 800 HP medium voltage, Robicon® 4,160 VAC drives and high efficiency General Electric® AC induction motors were selected for this application.


EMS-Tech Inc provided a complete electrical engineering package for this project, including detailed design, protection coordination and ground fault level calculations, contract preparation and solicitation, site supervision and commissioning assistance. This project was successfully commissioned in March 2003 and the plant is now benefiting from a safe, reliable and cost effective installation.