Eastern Power Upgrade

Owner: Marbulk Shipping
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The 'Eastern Power' has been gainfully employed in the Far East since undergoing a major transformation in 1995. It was in 1995 that the 'Ceraza', a Panamax size bulker, was converted to a top reclaimer style self-unloader and subsequently renamed the Eastern Power. The converted ship was fitted with a large bucketwheel type reclaimer and deck conveyor system that allowed self-unloading of the vessel, as well as self-loading from barges.

The 5-year charter that the vessel was employed in ended in 2004. As a result, and wanting to expand the roll of the Eastern Power to transhipment capabilities, Marbulk Shipping decided to remove the reclaimer and install four fixed pedestal grab cranes on the vessel which could reach over the starboard side to allow transhipment from Cape Size vessels.

The four Tsuji 3526 cranes are quite capable of transferring coal at rates to 2000 mtph when cream digging, thus it became necessary to upgrade the deck conveyor system on the Eastern Power as well.

The deck conveyor system has been upgraded as far as possible to maximize the discharge rate understanding that each of the cranes is capable of discharging at a rate of 2000 mtph when cream digging. Upgrades have included conveyor belt width increases for the longitudinal conveyor and cross conveyor. The boom conveyor belt speed was increased and drive upgraded from 2x125HP to 2x200HP. System capacity was thereby increased from maximum 2500 mtph to 4000 mtph. Coal capacity is restricted volumetrically to 3000 mtph.


The ship re-entered service in the Fall of 2004. The vessel trades along the east coast of North America where she carries coal and/or stone.