CSL Acadian Panamax size new forebody

Owner: CSL International
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The 'CSL Acadian' is the first of a series of Panamax size new forebody self-unloaders constructed by Shanhaiguan and Chengxi Shipyards for CSL International. EMS-Tech was contracted by these Shipyards to design and supply the self-unloading systems for the vessels. By combining the aft end of existing single hull tankers that are being phased out, with new forebodies comprising fully integrated self-unloading systems, CSL International was able to both accelerate the construction program and reduce project costs.

At the time of publication of this article, three new forebody vessels have now entered service, namely the 'CSL Acadian', 'CSL Argosy' and 'Baldock'. Others will follow in 2007.

All ships incorporate state-of-the-art EMS-Tech Inc. unloading systems comprising patented Feeder Gates, twin tunnel conveyors, twin transfer conveyors, 'C' Loop elevator and 80m long discharge boom. The unloading system is rated for discharge of a variety of materials at a rate of 5,000 mtph.

Critical to the success of these systems is: (1) a state-of-the-art control system which allows one operator to discharge the vessel from a control room located in the accommodation block; (2)  Feeder Gate style cargo hold discharge gates; (3) accurate feedback systems and; (4) heavy duty conveyor systems.

The Feeder Gate, when combined with a suitably sized and powered feed conveyor and an accurate gate position feedback system yields unequivocal and reliable rate control. The first such gate was installed on a vessel in June 2004, and this gate system has been providing reliable service since that time.


The 'CSL Acadian' successfully completed its first discharge in San Francisco on April 19, 2006. The unloading of aggregate was completed without complication, exceeding unloading rate expectations.